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Art. Food. Magic.
Artist Betsy Hinze presents art in an interactive and memorable experience.

Apples to Oranges
Bringing back the barter system

History, food and culture.

Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center
A learning center for people and permaculture offers a path toward true sustainability.

Bees and Honey
A trip to Bear Mountain Honey in Creswell. These days, honey is a commonly enjoyed treat, while retaining its ancient attributes. On a recent drizzly Oregon morning, I had the opportunity

Busy Winter Seasons at Gathering Together Farm

History of Chocolate

Cherry Country Orchard
All natural cherry products

Chocolate Anyone?
Euphoria Chocolate

Clonal Germplasm - Saving our Genetic Assets

Coconut Bliss
The story behind Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss non-dairy ice cream.

Consumers are Producers

Cousin Jack's Pasties: Universal Comfort Food
Cousin Jack's in Eugene bakes up English pasties with Northwest flair.

Deck Family Farm: On the Range in Junction City
Certified organic meat, eggs, and raw dairy at Deck

Dennison Farm
Nourishing communities for almost four decades

Diggin Roots Farm

Draft Horse Farming - Ruby and Amber's

Edibles from the Sea
Red Rock Crab and other lesser known sea edibles.

Edible Plants
Fern Hill Nursery and Botanical Sanctuary.

ElderHealth & Living
A new Model for Sustainability.

Excelsior Farm and Ristorante
A full circle provider of farm-fresh food.

Feeding the Hungry
Oregon Food Bank.

Fresh Oysters
Farming Clausen Oysters

Fruit Loop
A trip to Hood River.

Fundamental Fibers
From arts to animals and pure enjoyment, natural fibers are flourishing in the Willamette Valley.

GeerCrest Farm
Learning essential life skills, local history and farm experience.

Goats and Cheese
Mystic Acres Farm

Going Local and Organic - Where to Start
Exploring healthier lifestyles and looking for information about organics - what that truly means and how anyone can get started.

Good Food Easy
Local and sustainable food at Good Food Easy in Creswell.

Government Camp
Trails and good food.

Certified Naturally Grown

The Grand Ronde Tribe
Keeping their traditional lifeways alive and well.

The Growing Benefits of Locally-grown Organic Grain
Grocery shopping. Itís another series of choices in our choice-filled day that most could live without.

Digital Libary

Harnessing Nature for Biological Control

Hazelnuts and Candy
Pacific Hazelnut Farms and Candy Factory.

Hemp and CBD Oil
Whole Circle Farms

Hey Bayles! Farm
Baby salad greens.

Insights into Gardening
Alan Kapuler, a molecular biologist and plant biologist.

Kombucha - Healthy Beverage
Kombucha, a fermented, sweetened tea, has become a popular drink nationwide, particularly in the Northwest.

Kookoolan Farm
Engineering to Farming

Lane County Farmers Market
Falling in Love

Laughing Salad Farm

Linus Pauling Institute
Dr. Linus Pauling's legacy lives though their Healthy Youth Program.

Lively Organic Farm
Peaches and nectarines thrive at Lively Organic Farm...

Lochmead Farm and Dairy
Keeping it fresh at Lochmead Farm & Dairy in Junction City.

Natural Dyes
Fiber and food

Oregon Blackberries
Northwest caneberries.

Oregon Tea - Minto Island Growers

Organic Farming
Spring Hill Organic Farm

Organic Mushrooms
The Mushroomery

Organic Redneck
So much more than organic produce.

Pacific Northwest Hops
Heritage of hops

Pacific Northwest Mushrooms
Know before you eat.

Peoria Gardens
Bringing dream gardens to life.

Pollination & Pesticides
How certain insecticides harm bees and what you can do about it.

Quinoa (keen-wah)
The history of an ancient grain and its future in Oregon.

Queseria Ochoa
Mexican Cheese

Quirks of Quince
Reconnecting with the Fruit of our Ancestors

Rare Sheep - Raising lambs on Bide a Wee farm in the Chehalem Valley.

Saving Heritage Breed Chickens

Sebright Garden
Marion County Farm Loop

Strawberry Expedition
Oregon's wild strawberries

Stahlbush Island Farms: Color Kids Healthy

Sunset Valley Organics - A Clean Start

Sweet Creek Foods: Fresh from Farm to Jar

The Thyme Garden

Transform Your Lawn
Edible gardens and forests

Of Grit and Grist
Thompson's Mills heritage site

Valuable Seeds
Farming Grass Seed and Meadowfoam.

Vital Bee Colonies
GloryBee and OSU Honey Bee Lab.

Vitality Farms

Windflower Farm
Farming a Better Life

Winter Green Farm
A biodynamic approach to Farm-made organics.

Zenger Farm
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